Why donate?

Our European Citizens´ initiative is completely based on donations.

We need money for our work with the media, for translations into 13 languages & the multilingual website, for events, actions, discussions and the running of the online collection software. All this costs a good deal.

Will you help give our campaign a push?
We can organise a successful campaign and collect 1 million signatures of support, with your help.

You can donate right now, by PayPal,

or by bank transfer:

Account holder: EUGENT, co-ordination ECI on 30 km/h (20 mph)
Bank account: 1137448900
Bank: GLS-Gemeinschaftsbank
IBAN: DE06430609671137448900

Any help will be welcome.

Donators of more than 500 Euro will be published on this website as well as in the European Commission´s database under ‘sources of support and funding’ (see here).
Donators of 200 – 500 Euro will be published on this website unless they wish to not be mentioned. Please contact us in such case.

EUGENT is a charity organisation. For your donation receipt, please leave your address on the transfer sheet.